Know Everything About Website Optimization Through Digital Marketing

For online marketing the term website optimization is a familiar word. Website optimization is all about getting better ranking of your website on the leading search engines.  Designing website is not enough until it is getting optimized on the search engines. Websites should be found in natural search results. It’s the process of making changes to website so that it gets good ranking on search engine bar. As a renowned SEO company we offer Affordable SEO services in Kolkata. Our aim is to get better ranking of your website and get the best visibility by ethical SEO service.  

What’s optimization?

Search engine optimiza.....

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Traditional Marketing vis à vis Digital Marketing

Which kind of marketing returns more? Is it the conventional one or the much improved digital marketing? This is an open-ended debate. Many people think the latter one is bearing down the former one. Keeping alive this conjecture, newspapers and magazines have started their online edition in promotion of not only their online presence but also for reaching out a larger section of target audience. Switching from traditional to digital way has resulted as a fall of abruptly 160% in traditional marketing sector. While being a co-existent marketing platform, the expenses of digital marketing has climbed up by 14%. 

News Papers has been the favorite medium for publishing print ads throughout the decades. Other well-introduced mediums are TV and radio to take an advertisement on air. Now digital platform has grown into the fav.....

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New SEO Trends To Lead 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a constant race of staying ahead of your competitor companies. Google has highlighted as the king of search engines. For becoming the front-rower of the search engine one should be well-aware of the latest trends in SEO and keep a close observation on how search engine is evolving with days. It requires you to fine-tune your content and SEO strategy before others. SEO is considered as a continuous rolling industry, so it needs to be attentive towards any minor or major constant changes.  

It looks like 2017 will be an attention-grabbing year for SEO. As a successful contributor of  affordable SEO services in K.....

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E Commerce Websites From Customers’ Viewpoint

People usually decide within a sec, whether they like or they don’t like a website. Thus, running an online shopping site doesn’t mean only showcasing products that can be offered by any retailers. User-friendliness makes any e-commerce website to hold a strong online market position. E-commerce sites have made shopping easier beyond reflection. From orders to payment process a well- rounded e-commerce website should have to be crisp and full of clarity in terms of product selling. 

Now any viewer enters into a new e-commerce website with a particular set of mind as the person has already done visiting several other same categorical sites. A single redirection can slip out order and potential consumer as well. Throughout an online merchandise product selling happens step .....

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The Hunt What We Call As Software Development And App Development

Being technically updated is something that always has a sense of superiority. Before few years exploring new software and apps used to excite us. But now, the scenario has dramatically changed with the availability of varied same categorized software and apps in numbers. For growing business, IT development or software development is an incorporated part at present. People with pure business background or even start-ups need to be technically updated to make a break for it. Software development and business growth these two worlds are getting intertwined increasingly. Being a leading software development company in Kolkata here would like to discuss on the greater than ever dependency of business world on software development.

This is what broadly .....

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