Website: A Vital Asset For Any Small Business

A website is a “must have” for reaching your business offering to its target clients. Many small business owners think having a website is an additional expense burden to their revenue. Let’s tell you all a website is the virtual identity of your business which gives the customers the accurate impression of your business and the products/services that you offer. A strong online visibility can unlock heaps of business opportunities. A responsive website is one major instrument to connect with global customers anytime 24/7 if used properly.

Here are the reasons why having a strong website is important:

Brand visibility- Reach out beyond your physical location with an informative website. A mobile responsive website can get you maximum buyers’ attention. Your website should be well-represented to the potential buyers so that they will be ready to pay money to you.  It also provides them with the convenience of reviewing your products whenever they want. 

Brand promotion- You can run promotions, offers and discounts on social media platform to keep your customers up-to-date. Hiring a dedicated SEO service provider can boost the ranking of your website will boost your website ranking which gives rise to the sale and higher profits.

Wide reach- Who doesn’t dream of worldwide clientele for his business? Gone are the days when business was limited to a particular area. With a customer-friendly easy-navigating website you can actually generate your customers as it makes your business visible around the world which rapidly results in higher sales.

Budget-friendly- Not always having a website will cost you lofty. Comparing with the traditional newspaper and TV/Radio commercials, a website costs nothing. A website for your business starts at $299 with us which include 1-year free maintenance. Can you believe it? We charge a bit extra for designing graphic-based or e-commerce websites which again is affordable indeed. 

More traffic = more business growth- Apart from website design and development, we also offer affordable SEO services in Kolkata. To have a greater online visibility and online page ranking, SEO can actually help you boost the ranking on the leading search engines. Method SEO includes- keyword research and optimization, Meta tag management, landing page optimization, link building monitoring, content and copy improvement, cross-channel promotion and other associated developments that determine a continuing value for the website. An effective SEO service enables consumers to find your website using keywords. 

-Liyans Infotech- It’s better to have no website than to have a bad website.  Reach out to your customers worldwide with a website designed and developed by us. Feel the difference
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