Traditional Marketing vis à vis Digital Marketing

Which kind of marketing returns more? Is it the conventional one or the much improved digital marketing? This is an open-ended debate. Many people think the latter one is bearing down the former one. Keeping alive this conjecture, newspapers and magazines have started their online edition in promotion of not only their online presence but also for reaching out a larger section of target audience. Switching from traditional to digital way has resulted as a fall of abruptly 160% in traditional marketing sector. While being a co-existent marketing platform, the expenses of digital marketing has climbed up by 14%. 

News Papers has been the favorite medium for publishing print ads throughout the decades. Other well-introduced mediums are TV and radio to take an advertisement on air. Now digital platform has grown into the favorite platform for advertisers.  Let’s revolve around the advantages of digital marketing parallel to traditional Marketing

Daily dose of traditional marketing 

Print Ads in newspapers, Flyers, Pamphlets, Posters, Brochures, Billboards, TV and radio commercials or even Business cards apotheosis traditional management. People are familiarized with traditional marketing for its permanence. People who are not tech-savvy still prefer turning over news papers. More than that, we rarely can find out people who don’t watch TV or even listen to radio. Even a toddler can hum jingles of their liked TVCs. Traditional marketing is a costly venture. Traditional marketing is static; there’s no scope to have an interactive session with the consumers rather than conducting surveys. Only sale volume can raise the curtain from market acceptance of your product. People get to know about a particular product through referrals. 

Digital marketing and its highlights   

The presence of technology is getting bold in our daily lives with each passing day. People usually are found spending more time with their Smartphones/tabs/pc and surfing internet even in leisure. Digital marketing is alike traditional marketing just using web platform on gadgets is where it differs from the traditional ones. Digital marketing introduces- websites, social media mentions, banner ads, Youtube video ads   Digital marketing is a cost-effective promotional scheme to sweep away a large group of audience within a few ticks of the clock. Digital marketing is an inward marketing process and aims at people finding your brand online. People will get to know about your business on social network or by reading articles related to your business offerings. Best part is your audience can share, neglect or even can give recommendation review on your product- which is kind of an inter-active session in itself. 

Go for ‘either’ ‘or’ option or to balance between?

The biggest disadvantage of digital marketing is their strategies take time to catch obvious success graph. At one hand we perform banking transactions online without hanging any queue, on the contrary, reading books or even news are still not that popular digitally. Definitely, for any business an online identity is very crucial to get large volume of target audience globally. Whereas, through traditional marketing is for domestic audience. Thus, it’s important to maintain balance between these two platforms to sustain in today’s business world.  

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