The Hunt What We Call As Software Development And App Development

Being technically updated is something that always has a sense of superiority. Before few years exploring new software and apps used to excite us. But now, the scenario has dramatically changed with the availability of varied same categorized software and apps in numbers. For growing business, IT development or software development is an incorporated part at present. People with pure business background or even start-ups need to be technically updated to make a break for it. Software development and business growth these two worlds are getting intertwined increasingly. Being a leading software development company in Kolkata here would like to discuss on the greater than ever dependency of business world on software development.

This is what broadly recognized as ‘democratization of the tools of production’.  This concept received a popular face after the book ‘Long Tail’ launched, where the author highlighted on the concept of democratization of the tools of production is apparent in Youtube, Blogs, Music, and some other cases. 

Now with the help of tools and software technology is delivering something today which was unforeseen on yesterday. Entrepreneurship flourishes with software development. What we think as a single-executed task, is a result of a routine-programmatic execution. This implements faster execution, greater communication and relaxed operatives. With the beam of World Wide Web and dot com initiation it all started.  Now, the development is storming in mobile/ smartphone apps through which the recent entrepreneurship waves in. There are currently more than 2.2 million apps available on different platforms like Google Play, 2 million in Apple store, 669,000 in the Windows store, 600,000 in the Amazon app store.

Technology sets aside small business to stand firmly in global business market. It allows them to sell their products worldwide. With smooth operatives small business can boost their employees’ productivity with the help of technology and software development. Business is all about reaching to the buyers fast and effectively. Technology fulfills the gap nothing to it. But either software programming or any app it should be user-friendly so that people from minor-background or lack of tech skill can easily operate it. 

-- By Liyans InfoTech

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