New SEO Trends To Lead 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a constant race of staying ahead of your competitor companies. Google has highlighted as the king of search engines. For becoming the front-rower of the search engine one should be well-aware of the latest trends in SEO and keep a close observation on how search engine is evolving with days. It requires you to fine-tune your content and SEO strategy before others. SEO is considered as a continuous rolling industry, so it needs to be attentive towards any minor or major constant changes.  

It looks like 2017 will be an attention-grabbing year for SEO. As a successful contributor of  affordable SEO services in Kolkata we are also watchful towards Google’s effort on advancing the search engine with the implementation of artificial intelligence and enhancement of contextual search. Latest SEO trends are always for better webpage ranking. Let’s have a look at the new trends to be implemented in 2017, which should be checked to be in the crawling game. 

The growth of AMPs- Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are open-sourced protocol that set aside webmasters to create mobile responsive pages. These pages are designed with the capacity of instant opening on smart-phones. The idea is that a smattering or rich webpage will load up to four times faster and exploit 8 times less data. Google has become more attentive to those sites that are converted to AMPs. Big brands will surely coin this feature.  

Accession of compact contents- People are getting bored of oversized contents. The new trend will focus on providing as much as needed information that has limited space occupancy. Bitty contents will replace lengthy fluffs. 

Personal branding will be the trump card- Personal Branding heart of strategy. For securing guest posts personal branding is an effective selection. Social media platforms like Facebook are continuously refining their algorithm for promoting individual personal branding. This will gear up more competition. 

Better optimization from user’s perspective- The entire web platform is based on under experience, SEO is not beyond the list. A SEO analyst should be aware of the benefits of optimization on a user’s perspective. Google gets friendly with a most searched subject on net. Make sure you post quality contents on your website which should be relevant with the product you are offering.

Popularity of mobile apps- Thorough mobile apps SEO will hit the roofs. It will increase the SEO options. It is being said that mobile apps will be replacing rich websites. From the fundamental app indexing and deep linking to content with apps- development of app streaming allows users to stream any app without even downloading. Any app user can directly access the search engine. 

Fast voice search- With the rapid development of artificial intelligence more priority will be given to Google voice-search. The question and answer type sentences get more attention of the leading search engines. So keep updating your strategy for better search rankings. 

These are few SEO trends that will give smart boost to the search engines, specifically on Google. Be the search engine topper with ethical and effectual SEO service. 

- By Liyans InfoTech 


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