E Commerce Websites From Customers’ Viewpoint

People usually decide within a sec, whether they like or they don’t like a website. Thus, running an online shopping site doesn’t mean only showcasing products that can be offered by any retailers. User-friendliness makes any e-commerce website to hold a strong online market position. E-commerce sites have made shopping easier beyond reflection. From orders to payment process a well- rounded e-commerce website should have to be crisp and full of clarity in terms of product selling. 

Now any viewer enters into a new e-commerce website with a particular set of mind as the person has already done visiting several other same categorical sites. A single redirection can slip out order and potential consumer as well. Throughout an online merchandise product selling happens step by step.

Let’s start with the very beginning-

Impression of website- Design is the basic atmosphere of any website. None can ever feel comfortable at any uninviting, clumsy store. Online business is all about appearance. A well-equipped e-commerce site never fails to attract buyers. We design e-commerce website in Kolkata and we know every pixel, every picture and every word matters in e-commerce site development. For instance-company logo holds the brand value for well-acclaimed products. Thus, professional designers and developers should be appointed for developing an e-commerce site.

Loading time- Usually pages take 2-3 sec. to load. An extra sec in loading means a customer leaves an empty cart. Navigation should be smooth for accessing the site from smart-phone. Every information should reach up-to you with in a micro sec. It’s seen millions of people losing their minds while loading the webpage. 

Deals and discounts- Until your discount percentage gets bigger buyers won’t pay attention to your product offerings. Also the added shipping cost disinterest the buyers. Free shipping cost helps the shopping- bucket happy. Till date a product is decided by its promo. E-commerce sites have global competitors, a single site can result you multiple purchase. Discount coupons have been always a subject to attract more buyers. 

Most popular and branded items- Updates on new launched products are also a crowd preferred.  The homepage should be highlighted with exclusive deals, hot price, limited period offer, and new in-trend items so that buyers get easily engaged with these. People these days shop by brands. Visitors always are sure what particular item of which brand they look for, few extra varieties of same ranged different brands gel well with buyer’s search and requirement. 

Payment option- At a time an e-commerce website deals with a whole lot of customers from different portions of the country. Now payment gateway is the section where every customer needs an easy operating payment process with multi-functional payment options, like –cards, internet banking, cash on delivery etc. thus, one thing needs to be make sure from the developer’s end that payment details have to be displayed at the homepage either on the footer or on the top right corner of the sites. Customer also looks for a secured payment gateway. 

Social media promotion- E-commerce sites these days are well-linked with the social media platform like- FB, Twitter. 20% of the products are purchased through social media advertising link of e-commerce sites. After getting link of any specific product a 24*7 Live-chat platform with the merchandise is the quickest way to clear your product related confusion. 

_ By Liyans InfoTech 

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